Program Overview

Family Medicine Residency

Program Overview


The Family Medicine Residency at Jackson Park Hospital is designed to train physicians in the art and science of Family Medicine. Particular emphasis is placed neither on the family unit, in which the physicians continuing responsibility for health care is limited by the patients age, sex, nor by a particular organ system.

The essence of Family Medicine is continuity of care. The program is dedicated to providing residents with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become competent family physicians. These include:

  • Expertise in management of the most common disorders for all age groups; cost affective use of healthcare resources
  • Competence in relating behavioral science to traditional medical practice
  • Critical evaluation of one’s own progress and selecting strategies for increasing competence.
  • Teaching patients the principles of preventive medicine
  • Understanding the concepts of team care and being able to participate on a team
  • Implementing therapeutic plans, evaluating the results and following the patient’s health status over time
  • Demonstrating a knowledge of current medical legislation and its overall effects on the profession and population
  • Evaluation and management of geriatric patients with emphasis on prevention
  • Integration of managed care into the health care system
Resident Responsibilities in the Family Medicine Center (FMC)
In the FMC, residents care for their own patients under the supervision of the faculty. Residents work closely with the faculty who observe each resident/ patient encounter, and then discuss the care.

First Year Residents should expect to spend a minimum of two half-days per week at the FMC.

Second Year Residents assume more responsibility for the care of patients, checking with the faculty supervisors as needed. The faculty spot-checks resident/patient meetings; review medical charts daily, and discuss any questions with the residents. These residents spend approximately two to three half-days per week in the FMC and increase their patient responsibilities.

Third Year Residents' patient responsibility is increased with a high degree of autonomy and direct faculty supervision on a requested basis. The third year resident spends 4 to 5 half-days per week in the FMC.

Within the five months of starting the residency, the annual in-training examination of the American Board of Family Medicine is given. This examination helps identify strengths and weaknesses and is a base for measuring progress from year to year. Throughout the program, knowledge, skills, attitude, and behavior are evaluated by the faculty as well as by the physicians the residents rotate with. A conference is conducted on a quarterly basis by the Clinical Care Committee to discuss progress being made, develop strategies to improve deficiencies and point out areas in which increasing competency is being demonstrated. The Faculty Advisor and Program Director give the feedback to the resident.

The Advisory System
A competent physician is the end result of a successful residency. To help meet individual educational goals, each resident is assigned a faculty advisor who provides support, direction, and professional encouragement.

Why should you choose Jackson Park Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program?

As a future Family Medicine physician, you'll care for patients of all ages who have a wide variety of social backgrounds, beliefs, family structures, and health problems. To meet that challenge, you will need extensive clinical and procedural skills across the entire breadth of Family Medicine, including up-to-date knowledge of disease prevention, detection, and treatment. But more than this, you will also need to combine your medical expertise with a personal commitment to understanding your patients' problems from their perspective. This will help you not only treat disease, but also integrate wellness and prevention into the doctor-patient relationship.

The Jackson Park Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program provides the faculty support, institutional support, and patient care experiences you need to prepare for the challenges ahead. Our Single program gives residents extensive opportunities to assume patient care responsibilities in the context of an urban community hospital and a diverse patient population. A comprehensive didactic program complements the wide array of direct patient care activities to which each of our residents has access.

The Freedom and Support to Help You Grow

Residents gradually increase their clinical and administrative responsibilities as they progress through the program. From the beginning, they act as their patients' primary physician, write all orders during the admission and hospitalization process, and perform procedures. Residents are constantly challenged to test their skills in new situations, but are not expected to take on duties for which they feel unprepared. First-year residents share overnight duties with second- and third-year residents in a team system of shared but graded responsibility. This encourages personal growth, teaching, and leadership skills alongside the more traditionally emphasized patient care skills. Support and guidance from attending physicians is always available. An innovative Night Float system during all three years of residency optimizes resident learning experiences, minimizes on-call fatigue, ensures at least two free weekends per month during all rotations, and provides balance in each resident's personal and professional life.

Career-Focused Respect and Personalized Attention

Residents are respected as valued members of the medical community, and attending physicians are in turn encouraged to share their expertise in their care of patients with our residents. Attendings take an interest in each resident's professional development and are expected to provide feedback and support.

Family Medicine residents are viewed as colleagues who will potentially want to maintain ties with the medical center for many years to come. We can provide assistance to new graduates through partner recruitment services, practice management support, and access to a comprehensive physician referral line.

Our "Top 10 List" of Reasons to Choose Jackson Park Hospital Family Medicine:

  1. Unopposed family medicine training at a community hospital in the heart of the world-class city of Chicago.
  2. Access to virtually any desired family medicine training experience: Because of the location of the medical center, the scope and volume of its services, the absence of other medical residencies, and the strengths of our continuity practices, you are well-positioned to train broadly.
  3. Nearly 40 years of family medicine residency training program experience.
  4. Innovative Night Float system: All inpatient services - including internal medicine and critical care - include a balanced, livable night float rotation system.
  5. Resident-driven program change and improvement: The culture in the family medicine program is to encourage resident involvement and foster resident leadership skills at all levels, including management of day-to-day clinical operations, residency committees and workgroup involvement, ongoing dialogue with residency and hospital leadership, and hospital committee involvement, to name a few.
  6. Warm, engaging, and available faculty: We regard it as an absolute necessity for our faculty - both family medicine and subspecialty - to be supportive and available to you. For example, one family medicine attending is always on-call for the residency (one for Adult Medicine/Critical Care, Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine) 24-7-365 to provide guidance and support to the resident inpatient teams. Our family medicine faculty work alongside of you in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Our structured Advisor-Advisee program encourages your professional development. Informal interaction between residents and faculty occurs daily.
  7. Re-designed residency curriculum that exceeds ACGME requirements: Our three-year curriculum substantially exceeds the ACGME requirements for training in Family Medicine in several key areas - including internal medicine, critical care, obstetrics, and pediatrics. Other areas that are key to your future practice (for example, emergency medicine, pediatrics/neonatology, geriatrics, behavioral science, and practice management) have been significantly enhanced to ensure that you are well-prepared for your future practice needs.
  8. Outstanding real-life preparation for your future: We expect our graduates to be thoroughly trained in the full scope of family medicine. We provide you a broad range of patients with a diverse payor mix. We provide you with substantial inpatient volumes in medicine, critical care, obstetrics, and pediatrics/neonatology. We provide you with an integrated didactic curriculum to guide your learning process. While you will train in the heart of a major city, the breadth of your experiences at the medical center will amply prepare you to assume responsibilities as a family medicine physician anywhere in the country, in any practice situation.
  9. Make a difference from your first day: From your very first day as a first-year resident - whether you find yourself in your continuity clinic or in the hospital - you are viewed as the primary physician. You will be responsible for making initial patient assessments, formulating initial patient care plans or having "hands-on" during procedures. You will follow your patients in continuity across different stages of life, in different settings, modeling the attending family physician role even as a trainee. You will be supervised commensurate with your level of training, but your role as a family physician begins on the first day of your residency.

We offer a generous salary and benefits package that includes flexible vacation and meeting time. Stipends are reviewed annually and are standardized. Rates for the academic year appear below.

PGY-1 $53,075
PGY-2 $55,325
PGY-3 $57,300

In addition, the program offers the following benefits:

  • Four Weeks Annual Paid Vacation Each Year. 
  • Book Allowance. The program provides a $500 stipend for this purpose.
  • Malpractice Insurance. Medical malpractice insurance is available for all activities related to residency education.
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance. Residents may choose either an HMO or PPO plan for themselves at no additional cost. Family plans are available with modest payroll deductions.
  • The program offers ACLS, NRP, BLS, and ALSO training to all residents at no charge.
  • The hospital provides free parking to all residents while on duty.
  • Meals are provided free to all residents.
  • Residents receive laboratory coats at the beginning of each year.
  • Up-to-Date Subscriptions. The hospital provides access to Up-To-Date for all residents.
  • Computer Access.

Family Medicine Residency Core Faculty

L. Dodda, MD R. Nazneen, MD A. Keswani, MD S. Montgomery, MD
L. Dodda, MD
Dean of Residency &
Medical Student Services
R. Nazneen, MD
Program Director
A. Keswani, MD
Family Medicine
S. Montgomery, MD
N. Muhammad, MD O. Okolo, MD pending pending
N. Muhammad, MD
Family Medicine
O. Okolo, MD
Family Medicine
N. Dharamdasani, MD
Family Medicine



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