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Family Medicine Residency Program

Effective July 1, 2020, Mount Sinai Hospital is the sponsoring institution for the Family Medicine Residency Program at Jackson Park Hospital.

01Ruksana Nazneen, M.D. - Program Director

Program Director’s Message:

Welcome to the Family Medicine Residency Program at Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center.


Our Mission is to train competent, compassionate and culturally sensitive physicians to provide quality affordable health care to meet the needs of the patients and communities we serve.


Our Vision is to be an educational center of excellence for family physicians who are competent in caring for people of diverse cultures, committed to serving their community, and capable of practicing in a wide variety of settings.

OUR VALUES guide and inspire us to do our best as we provide care and medical education. These values include:

  1. Excellence in Medical Care. We provide holistic, affordable, and comprehensive care, based on the best medical knowledge and evidence.
  2. Dignity and compassion. We create a community of healing to care for our patients and nourish our co-workers.
  3. Whole person. We promote health and healing that addresses body, mind, spirit, family and community.
  4. Cultural Respect. We provide care that is responsive to people’s unique cultural characteristics such as race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and physical disability.

The Family Medicine Residency Program at Jackson Park Hospital is committed to provide holistic, affordable, and comprehensive, community based medical services to an underserved population. We seek to enable families to understand, participate in and become empowered to help direct their medical care. Therefore, our residents are trained to be diversely culturally sensitive, clinically skilled in areas of physical and mental health, and well versed in the medico-legal and ethical issues which impact medical practice.  We strive to graduate residents who will always put the patient’s interest first, and who are confident in their abilities to communicate their humane responsibilities through compassionate, competent and family orientated medical practice.

Jackson Park Hospital has served the community on Chicago’s southeast side since 1920. It has offered a residency program since 1979 accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-a Family Medicine Residency Program.

The Family Medicine Center is the primary site where residents are trained. Eighteen resident positions are provided in our three-year family medicine program. The curriculum is designed to provide the resident with the skills and knowledge needed to assess, diagnose, manage, and use the appropriate consultation when needed for any condition that may be encountered. Our Family Medicine Residency Program prepares a competent resident to serve as a personal primary care physician, able to coordinate the total health care of the family. Jackson Park Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency offers a stimulating curriculum at a hospital committed to excellence. We are extremely proud of our program and look forward to showing the advantages of training in our hospital to become a competent family physician to serve the community.

Ruksana Nazneen, M.D.
Program Director






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