Things A Medical Students Should Know

Things a Medical Student Should Know

Students, welcome to Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center. Upon arrival at the hospital, students will be asked to take a drug screen which will cost the student $20.00. Also, you must provide a Physical Examination within (6) months, proof of PPD test within twelve (12) months or Chest x-ray in one year if PPD was positive, Proof of Immunity to Rubella and Measles, and Hepatitis B vaccinations or proof of positive antibody titer. I.D. badge will be made by Human Resources who will also order the drug screen. All new students are required to attend the hospital orientation which is scheduled by the Medical Education Department. The medical student will be informed of the date of the orientation. A parking lot permit will also be issued by Human Resources. The student will be referred to Employee Health from Human Resources with the above information.

Students are expected to be on the Hospital premises by 8:00 a.m. and remain until duties are complete, except when post-call; then the student is allowed to leave at 2:00 p.m.

Students are scheduled for on-call when rotating in Internal Medicine, Family Practice and OB/GYN. Call supersede all other activity. When on call, students are to be on the premises at all times. There are three (3) students on call per night for IM/FP, and one (1) student on call for OB/GYN. Each student on call will carry a beeper and a key to the call room. Three (3) meal tickets will be issued to each student for each call. These can be used for food in the Cafeteria at Jackson Park Hospital and may be used at any time during your rotation. Also one set of scrubs are issued to each student taking call for use during the time of being on-call.

There is a lecture each day (Monday-Friday) at 1:00 p.m. All core students are required to attend the lecture. After the lecture, 2:00 p.m., the post-call students are allowed to go home. All other core students are to go to their designated Clinic/Physician’s Office. The medical students are expected to be in the Hospital during the hours determined by each rotation.

Students on call are to be under the direct supervision of the Family Practice Residents and should consult the Residents regarding patient care. Students will do history and physicals on new admissions and consult the resident who is responsible for teaching. Everything done by a student should be observed and approved by the Residents.

One week prior to completion of a rotation, a student should obtain an evaluation from the Medical Education Department and present it to the attending physician for completion. Upon completion of the evaluation, it should be returned to the Medical Education Department so that it can be sent to the School for credit of the rotation. On the last day at Jackson Park Hospital all medical students must report to the Office of Medical Education for a conclusion interview and return all items issued by the Hospital (I.D. badge and Parking Lot Card). The Office will obtain clearance from the Medical Library and Housing Office (if apply). The issuing of grades and letters of recommendation is contingent upon full clearance.



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